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25 Jul 2017
The psychology of ransomware splash screens

The content of the splash screens which inform a ransomware victim that their computer files have been encrypted is not randomly chosen. The tone, the use of language and other…

25 Jul 2017
Marktplaats scammers exposed

At the weekend, six girlfriends from Zwolle helped expose two scammers operating on the leading Dutch online trading site Marktplaats. The women teamed up to devise a plan to…

21 Jul 2017
Anti-phishing training for children has (short-term) effect

Children can learn how to spot scam emails or unreliable websites. However, it’s important to continue pointing them to these online threats, because they lose their recognition skills over time,…

19 Jul 2017
Five signs that you may be vulnerable to scammers

Are you easy prey for scammers? There are different personality traits or circumstances that put you at a higher risk of falling victim to fraud. Fraud Help Desk lists five…