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14 Feb 2019
Beware of debt collection scams

Have you ever been contacted by a collection agency about a cheap holiday trip you never booked? You’re not the only one. Debt collection scams seem to be all too…

08 Feb 2019
Watch out for get-rich-quick loan scams

Current interest rates are so low that they are forcing would-be savers to try their luck on the stock markets. These, however, continue to be extremely volatile. Nonetheless, some investors…

16 Jan 2019
Watch out when buying a car or scooter online

People looking to buy a second-hand car, scooter or oldtimer had better watch out. In 2018, at least 31 interested buyers lost a total of 171,000 euros to scams. They…

21 Dec 2018
Ending up as money mule through social media


Are you active on social media and short of case? If so, you may be tempted to join a new pyramid scheme specially targeting young people. The Netherlands Gaming Authority…