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16 Jan 2018
Tlkkie or Tikkie? One letter makes all the difference

Scammers have hijacked the trusted name of the Tikkie app in a new phishing scam. Tikkie is a payment service launched by Dutch bank ABN AMRO. It allows consumers to…

12 Jan 2018
Lottery fraud – an old scammers’ favourite

This is 2018, but scammers are still sending out fake email messages crafted in poor English informing you that you’re entitled to a huge amount of money.

To claim the promised…

11 Jan 2018
Investment fraud, business identity theft and Microsoft phone scams on the rise

In 2017, considerable more reports about investment scams came in to Fraud Help Desk.

Total losses reported by duped investors amounted to € 6.1 million, up from € 1.4 million the…

09 Jan 2018
Protect yourself from business identity theft 

Why large business orders may be cause for suspicion

In 2017, Dutch businesses reported record losses caused by business identity theft. Many companies received fake invoices. Some discovered counterfeit copies of their…