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19 Jul 2018
Don’t pay any invoices from Pay Care

Have you received an invoice from a collection agency calling itself Pay Care? If so, don’t pay. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is warning against this office,…

03 Jul 2018
How to spot suspicious links

When you use the internet a lot, you will encounter links everywhere: on websites, in emails…

19 Jun 2018
Dutch businesses defrauded by cyber criminals


The police have started an investigation into suspected scammers who have defrauded several Dutch companies of large amounts of money.

The losses incurred by these businesses range from 10,000 to more…

04 Jun 2018
Two million suspicious emails reported to Fraud Help Desk

The number of scam emails reported to Fraud Help Desk has passed the two million mark. We are pleased that recipients of phishing messages and other scams apparently know where…