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  • 02-05-2018

    ‘One in five web stores is fake’

    There are approximately 25,000 web stores in the Netherlands and many thousands of them are unreliable, according to research carried out by the Dutch Consumers’ Association.

    Many of these webshops have web addresses that previously had a different owner. For example, a football club is dissolved and its URL becomes available. This web address may be bought by other individuals or parties. These are often Chinese organisations looking…

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Welcome to the Fraud Help Desk

Scam or not? You can turn to us with your questions and reports about fraud and internet crime, committed in or from the Netherlands.

Checklist for booking your holiday home online

The Fraudhelpdesk would like to offer some tips to prevent you from falling victim to this type of fraud and having your dream holiday turn into a nightmare.

Dating fraud in the Netherlands

The film Crime without Blood shows the devastating impact of dating scams and other online fraud.