Online shopping fraud

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Fraudsters are setting up fake web shops that look genuine and professional. So think twice when you spot must-haves for rock-bottom prices.

The golden rule is: if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. If you want to be absolutely sure that you’re dealing with a reliable web shop, then follow the following tips:

Check who you’re dealing with

  • It’s always sensible to google a company. You may hit some customer feedback that will give you some idea as to how the shop operates.
  • Its website will show you whether the company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. This registration numbers should be included in the contact details.
  • Check where the company is located and whether it can be reached by telephone.
  • What is its return policy? If it doesn’t seem to have any, you’d better hop to another shop.
  • Bigger shops will allow you to use a pre-printed bank giro credit slip. This means you’ll pay after your order has been delivered. And you’re sure not to lose your money.

Check the trustmark

  • Find out whether your online retailer is on the list of TrustMark accredited members. Check the membership list of, the sector organisation for online retailing in the Netherlands.
  • If the website displays a logo, then verify whether the shop is affiliated with the organisation. Clicking on the Thuiswinkel Waarborg logo will lead consumers to the Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certificate. Please note that the URL is a secure, SSL-encrypted connection which begins with https://beheer

Do a scan on ConsuWijzer
ConsuWijzer, the Dutch government’s consumer information desk, offers an Online ShopScan, a practical tool which indicates the level of consumer trust in a particular e-commerce retailer. Here you can find specific consumer ratings.

On, you can check whether consumers have reported a certain company. It offers a tool which can detemine, on the basis of bank account details, telephone numbers and web addresses, whether you’re dealing with a trustworthy or with a suspect retailer. Set up by Dutch police, the site has a link to a forum that offers help to people buying and selling online.