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Bin fake invoices from ‘Office Software Online’

You may have received an ‘invoice’ from a company calling itself Office Software Online, with the amount of € 890 on it. Put this letter where it belongs: in the shredding machine. This is a fake invoice, an offer presented as a bill. By making it look like an invoice, the senders are hoping that […]

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New fake OfficeConnectStore invoice

Businesses have received a new fake invoice purporting to come from OfficeConnectStore. It’s a slightly modified version of a similar bogus invoice sent last July.

The previous bill was for € 730 and referred to a ‘HQ Premier LED Package’. Now, the scammers are charging € 980 for an ‘Extended Business License’.

Watch out! You are under no obligation to pay this ‘invoice’. If you pay, you will enter into an agreement, which will only cost you dearly – you won’t get anything in return.

Our advice
The senders of such emails are hoping that the recipients will respond quickly without giving these messages much thought. Remain alert and bin this spoof invoice immediately.

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Fake monthly Telfort invoice by email

Scammers are spamming out a fake email which purports to come from Telfort. It’s designed to lure recipients to a fake website where they are asked to disclose their personal details.

The Telfort customer is told they can check their latest monthly invoice online. Anyone who clicks on the hyperlinks given in this message (don’t do this!), will see that the email refers to a website that looks very much like the authentic Telfort website.

Fake Telfort website Authentic Telfort website

The user credentials needed to log in to this fake website will go straight to the scammers. A clear sign that this website is fake is the absence of “https” in the url. Moreover, a number of hyperlinks on the site don’t seem to be working. If you clicking on them, you will get an error message.

Our advice
Invoices are a popular subject in fake emails. Click here to read more.


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Don’t be fooled by a fake Trademark Edition invoice

Con artists have hijacked the name of Trademark Edition as a way to fleece money out of companies.

The swindlers are sending out invoices that look like an authentic invoice, but in reality, they are no more and no less than an offer. This means there is no obligation to pay any money.

The invoice provides payment instructions for an amount of € 1,380. However, practice shows that people who send such bogus invoices regularly modify these amounts.

Our advice
Bin this invoice. Remember, you are under no obligation to pay.

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Fake invoice from Office World

Businesses beware: there may be a fake invoice from Office World among the stack of bills on your desk. Just throw it into the bin, because you’re under no obligation to pay.

According to the description of the product, the invoice is for a ‘Premium Business Package: FileMaker Pro Package, Win & Mac and Business Package’. The fine print at the bottom of the page specifies that this is an offer. This means that you don’t have to make any payments.

The senders are obviously hoping that you will just send them the money without giving this ‘bill’ a second look.

Watch out for fake invoice from Syncasso

Fake invoices featuring the name and logo of Syncasso are doing the rounds. Don’t pay them!

The invoices inform recipients that they owe money for a domain name. It threatens that failure to pay will result in a cancellation of your domain name (web address) registration. This would mean that neither your website nor the email accounts associated with it will be accessible any more.

Both the registry for the .nl internet domain (SIDN) and Syncasso are warning of this fake invoice.

The money due is € 48,54.

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