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13 Jul 2017
Security company CEO left bankrupt after identity theft

The chief executive officer of the Swedish security services provider Securitas has been declared bankrupt after unknown scammers had hacked his identity.

Alf Göransson only found out after a Stockholm court had declared him bankrupt, the Dutch newspaper de Volkrant reports. The hacker used the CEO’s identity to seek a loan of an undisclosed amount. Mr Göransson didn’t know he’d been hacked until this week, the company said. Securitas hastened to add that the CEO’s bankruptcy does not have any consequences for the company.

De Volkskrant cites a painful statement from the Securitas chief in the company’s annual report, in which he refers to global digital threats. “Securitas leads this development, while other companies just sit and watch. Soon, they will ask themselves: “How could this have happened to us?”

Securitas has 335,000 employees and is active in 53 countries, including the Netherlands.

Photo © Niklas Morberg/, CC BY-NC 2.0