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01 Jun 2017
Scam emails from your local bank office

Beware of emails from your local Rabobank office. Chances are that they are a scam.

The messages look very authentic, mainly because the scammers have personalised them in two ways. First, they have added a local Rabobank address as the sender. Someone living in Groningen for instance will receive an email from Rabobank Groningen. Here’s an example:

The emails start off with a personalized salutation, addressing the recipient by their first and last name. How the scammers managed to obtain this information remains unclear. In many cases, a person’s names cannot simply be copied from their email address. For example, the scammers wrote ‘Dear Katinka Drosten’, even though the name cannot be derived from her email address, which is

This is not the first time that scammers are sending out personalised emails to tempt them to respond and disclose their confidential information. In February 2016, they did precisely the same.

Finally, another remarkable feature about these email is that they have different subjects. Some recipients will find the message in their inbox on the subject “Prevent fraudulent practices with your account”. Other subject lines contain a warning: “Verification must be done now or we will close your account”.

Our advice
Please be aware that even emails which are personally addressed to you may be fake. Scammers are trying all sorts of devious ways to make people fall for their tricks. Remember that a bank will never ask you for any personal information via email (or by phone for that matter).