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20 Dec 2017
Romanian ransomware scammers arrested

Police in the Netherlands have arrested three Romanian nationals on suspicion of carrying out a major ransomware (hostage software) attack in 2014.

Police received almost 200 reports and many of those could be linked to the group of Romanian suspects. The actual number of CTB-Locker victims is thought to be much higher. The suspects may also have duped people in other countries such as Belgium and Italy.

Dutch police started their investigation into CTB-Locker in 2015, after receiving reports about a large number of infections of this ransomware strain. The hostage software was widely distributed through phishing emails purporting to come from telecom provider KPN.

The arrests were the result of a joint investigation by the Romanian police, the Romanian Public Prosecution Service, Team High Tech Crime (THTC) of the Dutch police, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, the British National Crime Agency, the FBI, the US Secret Service and the European Cyber ​​Crime Center (EC3) of Europol.

Prevention is better than cure
Criminals who spread ransomware are often very professional; it’s not easy to spot this damaging software. In other words, you may want to precautions, because you also may become fall victim to ransomware.

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Photo © darwin Bell/Flickr.comCC BY-NC 2.0.