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04 Jun 2018
Two million suspicious emails reported to Fraud Help Desk

The number of scam emails reported to Fraud Help Desk has passed the two million mark. We are pleased that recipients of phishing messages and other scams apparently know where to find us.

In April last year, we received the one millionth report about scam emails. The count started in 2013 and the figure has since risen gradually to an average of more than 80,000 reports a month.

Variety of scams
The reports refer to email messages considered to be suspicious. All of them are automatically processed and analysed by us. Most are spam, phishing or malware messages, but there are many fake invoices too. Extortion emails constitute a recent trend.

On the basis of the emails we receive, we give advice to those who report them and publish alerts to others on our website. In addition, Fraud Help Desk has used the reports to inform the government and investigative services about the latest trends.

If you have received a suspicious email, please forward it to before deleting it from your inbox.