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08 Jun 2017
Record losses due to Microsoft phone scams

A total of 100,000 euros in losses was reported to Fraud Help Desk last month by victims of Microsoft phone scammers. These are professional crooks posing as Microsoft tech support who cold-call people to offer their ‘services’.

The losses are relatively high, certainly when compared to last year’s figures. A total of ‘merely’ 200,000 euros in losses was reported during the whole year of 2016. Now, we are halfway that figure in just one month. And the total reported damage caused by these scammers has run up to 300,000 so far this year.

With 283 reports, the number of people reporting this type of scam was also very high in May. Thirty-three of them actually lost money. The others apparently recognised the trick on time and remained free of damage. During the whole year of 2016, Fraud Help Desk received 1403 reports about Microsoft phone scams.

The people behind this type of scam are always looking for new ways to fleece people out of their money. This has led to higher losses among victims. For example, the scammers are now out to gain remote control of victims’ PCs and siphon off money while they do their ‘repair’ work. Some people are known to have lost their life’s savings in a single day, amounting to tens of thousands of euros.

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Photo © Ferenc Pohly/Flickr.comCC BY-NC-SA 2.0