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13 Feb 2017
Poll: ‘Ransomware can hit anyone’

Could a ransomware infection happened to me? ‘Yes,’ says 87 percent of visitors to our website. This is one of the results of a poll which has been on our website for several weeks.

More than two thirds of the people who assume it could happen to them take action to protect themselves. The other 30 percent wouldn’t know what to do to avoid being hit by ransomware.

About eight percent believe that their online behavior is sufficient safe to guard themselves from such attacks, and more than four percent have no idea what ransomware is. Only 0.9 percent feel that the dangers of cybercrime are strongly exaggerated. The poll will remain online for a while, so there might be some slight changes to the results in the coming weeks.

Our advice
Our experience is that anyone can be a victim of ransomware infection. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of infection by taking precautionary measures like making regular back-ups of your files.

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