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26 Oct 2017
Police repeat warning of Microsoft scammers

Dutch police are calling on people to hang up immediately when receiving a call from someone pretending to be Microsoft tech support. The warning is prompted by a recent barrage of reports filed with the police.

Fraud Help Desk has is also receiving many reports about these Microsoft scammers throughout the year. From the start of this year, the number of reports has run up to almost 2000. More than 180 of these people have actually lost money. Collectively, they were fleeced out of as much as € 630,000.

The victims are mostly older people, according to the police. They have fallen for the story of the person on the line and truly believed that there was a problem with their computer. A problem related to a virus, for example, or their licence has expired.

‘Solving your problems’
Microsoft phone scammers promise to solve these problems. They will install a software programme that allows them to access the computer remotely. Once the problems are solved, the customer will need to pay a certain amount for these services. Unfortunately, this will give the scammer access to the victim’s online banking account, enabling them to siphon off money.

These fake Microsoft tech support staff often speak English with a heavy Indian accent. Our advice is to hang up the phone immediately. This may feel as if you are doing something rude, but if try to disconnect in a nice way, a sob story may follow, playing on your feelings and trying to make you feel guilty.

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Photo © Ferenc Pohly/Flickr.comCC BY-NC-SA 2.0.