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20 Mar 2018
Photos of Dutch PM Mark Rutte on fake Facebook profile


A new profile has popped up on Facebook under the name of James Hardy. This might not seem out of the ordinary, except that Mr Hardy looks very much like the Netherlands Prime Minister, Mark Rutte.

One photo on the page shows Mr Rutte on his own, another shows him in the company of Britain’s former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the United Kingdom.

Here’s a screenshot of this Facebook profile (click to enlarge):

It is unclear what the intentions are of the person who created this profile. Possibly, it’s the work of a dating scammer who tries to get in
ouch with women. In dating scams, the first contact is often made via Facebook.

The con artists typically picks photographs of (mostly) men who radiate a certain status. In this case, they chose Prime Minister Rutte. He allegedly worked for the Swiss Bank Corporation and studied at the University of Birmingham.

James Hardy is the name of a young American football player who died at a young age. The name is common in English-speaking countries.

Marco Kroon and Bob Marley
Dating scammers are known to choose a strong public figure as their persona. Examples include Dutch military officer Marco Kroon or even reggae legend Bob Marley.

Our advice
Dating fraudsters often use pictures that are easy to find on Google. If you are in doubt about an online dating contact who has sent you a photo, you may want to do a Google image search to see in which context it has been used before.