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02 Apr 2014
Phishing scams: 15 percent falls for them

One in seven computer users (15 percent) admit to having fallen for a so-called phishing hoax at some point. This is one of the findings of a survey conducted by the Fraud Help Desk among more than a thousand visitors to its website.

By clicking on a hyperlink given in a fraudulent email,  the laptop or PC user opens the door for some nasty software which will start looking for bank details of its prospective victim.

No small number
It is not known whether this 15 percent group actually lost money by enabling scammers to empty their bank accounts. This requires further investigation.

“But this does mean that 15 in 100 people are potential victims of digital theft. That’s not a small number at all,” says Fraud Help Desk General Manager Fleur van Eck.

A large majority of 85 percent is perfectly able to distinguish between a real email and a fake one. More than one in three people say they’re able to recognise a phishing email when they see one. They then delete them in the digital trashbin.

Whereas 29 percent or respondents say the large number of phishing emails is driving them crazy, another 20 percent doesn’t worry about it. This group tends to see phishing as digital pollution.