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06 Apr 2017
One million suspicious emails

The number of fake emails reported to Fraud Help Desk has passed the magic one million mark. The count started in 2013.

Fraud Help Desk currently receives an average of 50,000 suspicious emails each  month. All emails are processed and analysed automatically. Most reports are about spam, phishing emails and malware.

The emails provide a clear picture of the latest developments in email hoaxes and scams. They serve as the basis for alerts published on the Fraud Help Desk website and on its social media channels. So far, this has led to some 6,000 online alerts. In addition, Fraud Help Desk has used the reports to inform the government and investigative services about the latest trends.

Fraud Help Desk is working with the foundation for domain registration in the Netherlands (SIDN) in a pilot project launched late last year. SIDN manages the .nl domain. The two organisations exchange information about suspicious .nl domain names linked to phishing. The collaboration involves linking the data systems of both foundations.

The aim of the pilot project is to examine whether sharing this type of information will make it easier to identify suspicious .nl websites and take them offline more quickly. This gives users an additional incentive to report phishing scams to Fraud Help Desk. After all, they are making a contribution to efforts to combat fraudulent websites.

Suspicious emails can be forwarded to