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24 Sep 2018
Consumer TV show warns of Activa Finance

Dutch consumer rights TV programme Radar has issued a warning about Activa Finance. Its ‘financial advisers’ are cold-calling consumers, reminding them that they have bought ‘activation codes’ via telemarketing,…

20 Sep 2018
Fraudster uses fake banking app in shop

Quite a remarkable fraud report about a fake bank app has come in to Fraud Help Desk; a con artist recently used the app to ‘pay’ his purchases.

It was very…

14 Sep 2018
Advertising fraudsters lose lawsuit

Several Dutch businesses have been taken to court in recent months by fraudsters sending fake invoices. The defendants included companies who had reported the invoices to Fraud Help Desk. Some…

03 Sep 2018
Think, check and double-check

So, how are you using the internet? What are you doing online? Are you watching videos, sharing photos, maybe doing your homework, some shopping, buying tickets? Probably, you’re doing most…