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01 Nov 2018
New Hotmail interface causes confusion


The Hotmail website has recently been revamped, prompting users to believe that something was wrong. Several punched in ‘Hotmail customer service’ in their browser and ended up with a fake…

24 Oct 2018
Financial losses from phishing double in the Netherlands

Financial losses resulting from online banking scams in the Netherlands more than doubled in the past year, according to figures released by the Dutch Payments Association and the Dutch…

09 Oct 2018
Chamber of Commerce warns of malicious websites  


The website ‘’ claims that you can use the site to register your company from the Chamber of Commerce trade register. Another website, ‘’, allegedly offers Chamber of Commerce extracts….

01 Oct 2018
‘Thousands of computers locked by ransomware’ 

There’s been a sharp and noticeable increase in ransomware infections in the past two months, reports Dutch news programme RTL Nieuws.  It says the number of reports has gone…