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13 Dec 2018
Free anti-phishing table tent for Dutch companies


Could this email be fake, or is it authentic? Spotting a scam email isn’t as easy as it used to be. Featuring logos copied from the internet and crafted in…

06 Dec 2018
Investment scams featuring Dutch celebrities  

You may have seen the advertisement on Facebook featuring a Dutch television presenter or other celebrity. They have all made very successful investments in Bitcoins. At least that’s what they…

26 Nov 2018
WhatsApp scams cause considerable losses

In recent months, Fraud Help Desk has received hundreds of new reports about WhatsApp fraud. Most of them involve a type of scam in which a fraudster poses as a…

23 Nov 2018
Double damage: victim treated as scammer

Victims of fraud can come in for some more nasty surprises, as one person reported to Fraud Help Desk. The man found himself accused of fraud.

So, what happened? The man…