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01 Nov 2018
New Hotmail interface causes confusion


The Hotmail website has recently been revamped, prompting users to believe that something was wrong. Several punched in ‘Hotmail customer service’ in their browser and ended up with a fake customer service.

If you dial the Dutch telephone number of this ‘customer service’, you will be diverted to a foreign call center.  They will tell you that the ‘problem’ that you’re reporting can be solved by giving the fake customer service access to your computer. The method applied by these scammers is identical to the one used by Microsoft phone scammers.

These fake Microsoft tech support employees tell unsuspecting computer users that their there’s a problem with their PCs. These scammers offer to solve the issue remotely. They tell their victims to download a special programme like Teamviewer which enables people to take remote control of a computer.

Once given access to your computer, they will go straight to your bank account. They may also ask you to transfer a small amount of money for their ‘service’ and quickly add a few zeros behind the amount, making you pay, for example, 2000 instead of 20 euros.

Our advice
Never allow access to your computer to someone you don’t know. Be sure you make regular backups of important files and keep them offline, just to make sure.

What to do if you have given someone access to your computer?

  • Close down the Internet connection of the infected computer;
  • Change all your passwords, preferably on another computer. Don’t forget your online banking user credentials or the login details of your e-mail address and your computer;
  • Scan your computer with a good antivirus;
  • Report to the Fraud Help Desk;
  • If necessary, contact an ICT specialist.