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09 Aug 2017
Microsoft phone scammers approach victims via email

Scammers posing as Microsoft tech support have thought up a new way to reach potential victims. They are now sending out emails pretending to come from online retailers or other legitimate websites, informing their targets that someone has gone wrong. Sometimes, they suggest that a new message has been sent to the recipient.

The emails look like authentic messages from services or companies like LinkedIn, Alibaba or Amazon. They tell recipients to click on a hyperlink. These are then redirected to a web page which shows a warning that their computer has been infected. To solve the problem, recipients are advised to phone ‘Microsoft’. In reality, the scammers will get a scammer on the line, reports.

Microsoft has also published a warning on its website about this new trick. The software giant stresses that it will never Microsoft proactively reach out to users offering unsolicited technical support or products. Its easy to spot these scam notifications, coming from fake websites or splash screes: authentic messages never give a phone number.

As yet, Fraudhelpdesk has received no reports from people who have been duped by this new Microsoft scam method.

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Photo © Ferenc Pohly/Flickr.comCC BY-NC-SA 2.0.