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23 Mar 2018
Joint action against Microsoft phone scammers

Netherlands police, the national Public Prosecution Service and the Dutch business community are joining forces to combat the scourge of Microsoft phone scams.

Last year, Dutch victims of this type of fraud lost a total of € 6 million, writes Reports about fake Microsoft tech support also flooded in to Fraud Help Desk last year, with losses totaling € 700,000.

Microsoft phone scams
This type of fraud involves con artists posing as tech support staff, usually from Microsoft. The scammers are in the business of cold-calling computer users to tell them that something is wrong with their PC.

The victims are told to install software to enable ‘tech support’ to get remote access to the computer. However, as soon as the victim logs on to their online banking account, the scammer will also get access. It won’t take long before the scammer starts emptying the account.

More information will be given about the new collaboration and the parties involved at a press announcement scheduled for this coming Wednesday, 28 March.

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