Job vacancy scams

Job vacancy scams, also known as employment scams, offer job opportunities via unsolicited email messages. These usually begin with “Dear Sir/Madam” and often involve a work-from-home admin job as a “Regional representative” or “Financial worker”. Most of these messages are poorly written. No specific education or prior experience is required from the candidates.

Don’t reply to the email and don’t give out your personal particulars – scammers may use them to commit identity fraud.

If you do reply, the chances are that he will suggest putting some money into the applicant’s bank account. After all, what these scammers are looking for are money mules: dupes recruited online for what they think is legitimate employment, not aware that the money they are transferring is the product of crime. The ‘applicant’ will often be instructed to transfer the funds to some third party by using wire transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram. Never use these wire transfers: they are frequently abused for fraudulent practices.

Remember that if you accept the scammer’s offer and provide your bank account details, you will have committed a punishable offence. You will have aided and abetted money laundering while the scammer gets away scott-free.

Should you receive these or other fraudulent messages, please forward them to before deleting them.

Photo © B Rosen/ / CC BY-ND 2.0