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06 Dec 2018
Investment scams featuring Dutch celebrities  

You may have seen the advertisement on Facebook featuring a Dutch television presenter or other celebrity. They have all made very successful investments in Bitcoins. At least that’s what they claim. Of course, you’d want the same thing.

Fraud Help Desk has received several reports from people who responded to this advertisement. They clicked on it and ended up on a website. Next, they were asked to indicate whether they wanted more information about investing in bitcoins. If they did, they received a telephone call. Other victims were first contacted by email.

Initially, they were advised to put in € 250, but soon the fast-talking English speakers on the line managed to persuade various victims to ‘invest’ many thousands of euros. That money, however, ended up in the pockets of the victims lost their ‘investment’. Of course, the Dutch celebrities who featured in the advertisement have nothing to do with this.

Investment scams often involve large amounts of money. So far in 2018, we have received 167 reports about (attempted) investment fraud. 140 people actually lost money. In total, these victims lost just under five million euros to these investment scammers.