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20 Oct 2015
Increasing calls for Netherlands Fraud Authority

There is growing support in the Netherlands for a proposal to establish a national fraud authority, despite opposition from government circles.

Security and Justice Minister Ard van der Steur recently dismissed a call from the Socialist Party for the creation of an anti-fraud watchdog. But Socialist Party MP Sharon Gesthuizen has now won the backing of the employers’ organisation VNO-NCW. It believes that there is “an urgent need for a coordinating body agency action against fraud”.

“We are losing the war on fraud. Every year, the Dutch business community loses at least 3.7 billion euros because of fraud. This goes at the expense of profit and employment,” according to the employers’ organisation which tabled the idea of the establishment of a fraud authority in 2014.

Citizens’ platform 1Overheid is also in favour of the plan. “A central coordinating body would be able to see the entire picture, instead of zooming in on particularly details.”

Better help for victims
Despite arrangements between banks, police and other organisations, many fraud victims don’t know who to turn to. Having a high-profile central body would make it easier for victims to report and receive assistance. A central anti-fraud agency would also have the authority to put pressure on banks to offer better protection and take action more quickly when damage is done.


Photo © Ingy the Wingy/, CC BY/ND 2.0.