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13 Dec 2018
Free anti-phishing table tent for Dutch companies


Could this email be fake, or is it authentic? Spotting a scam email isn’t as easy as it used to be. Featuring logos copied from the internet and crafted in flawless Dutch, phishing emails these days are virtually indistinguishable from the real stuff.

Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated in their efforts to obtain your personal data (phishing), distribute malicious software or let you part with your money using a different excuse.

To this end, the Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety has developed an ‘anti-phishing table tent’. It provides information about phishing and gives many examples to help you distinguish a fake email from an authentic one.  It also gives tips on how to prevent cybercrime. Right at the end, it includes a Fraud Help Desk infographic about email scams.

The table tents are durable and have been designed for use in canteens, providing quick and easy information to keep the entire company up to date. Businesses can obtain one free copy per location. The information is also available in a PDF file, which can also be downloaded for free via the CCV website.