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13 Apr 2017
Fraudsters’ favourite: the old bank card scam

Scammers keep on trying the same old con: urging their victims to request a new debit card and making them disclose their user credentials and other confidential information in the process.

For several months now, these phishing fraudsters have been telling the same fabricated story in spam email. Their messages purport to come from banks and are sent to large numbers of recipients. These are informed that there is little time to lose; the recipients need to respond quickly to be able to request a new bank card for free. In a few days, they will need to pay for a new card. To request the card, recipients are told to click on a link.

Old con trick
This ‘old bank card’ scam has been circulating for many months now. An increasing number of such messages have been sent since September 2015. Initially, recipients were asked to send in their old debit card. That’s hardly the case anymore. Now, the senders are hoping that the recipients victims disclose their (banking) information on a fake website, giving the scammers access to their online banking account. The ultimate goal is to siphon off money from these accounts.

Unfortunately, these phishing emails still prove to be effective. In some cases, victims reported to Fraud Help Desk losing tens of thousands of euros. It’s a type of scam that remains lucrative business, as the latest statistics show. In 2016, Fraud Help Desk received 8,371 emails using the term “debit card”, out of a total of nearly 600,000 scam emails. So far this year, 6,600 emails have been counted already.

The names of virtually all known (Dutch) banks have been used in these scams. Here are some examples (click to enlarge):


Rabobank ABN Amro Regio Bank