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20 Sep 2018
Fraudster uses fake banking app in shop

Quite a remarkable fraud report about a fake bank app has come in to Fraud Help Desk; a con artist recently used the app to ‘pay’ his purchases.

It was very busy in the shop and several customers were queuing up at the counter, when one of them tried in vain to pay by debit card.  With every attempt, he received an error message. Eventually he picked up his phone and showed the shop assistant his banking app, telling her that he would use the app to transfer the money. His tone became rather compelling.

Seeing that the queue behind the man had grown considerably and that several customers were becoming impatient, the shop assistant agreed. She saw on the app that the correct amount had been transferred. The man left with his purchases, but the money was never credited to the shop’s bank account.

Our advice
Make your customers pay in cash or check if their payment has been transferred to your account before you give them their purchases. Check your own smartphone or computer and not the device of the person making the payment. A number of banks will accept a payment request and enable you to see immediately see whether the money has been credited.