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27 Sep 2013
Scammers trawling dating sites

No one visiting a dating site expects to fall victim of fraud. Yet, it’s one of the places where romance scammers lurk to lure unsuspecting victims looking for a new…

04 Sep 2013
Legal case against Corpus Justitia

Almost a month ago, hundreds of people were shocked to receive a letter from a collection agency calling itself Corpus Justitia. It soon emerged that the letter had been sent…

09 Jul 2013
Fantasy tours in travel agency scam

The Fraud Help Desk has reported fraud by the Utrecht-based travel agency Fantasie Reizen. The suspected scam has claimed dozens of victims. All say they payed for a holiday trip…

02 Jul 2013
Online scams cost Benelux businesses €5000 a year

The average annual cost of online fraud for businesses in the Benelux area is €5000, according to new research conducted by the union’s General Secretariat. The study…