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01 May 2014
Relieved or deceived

People who’ve registered on internet job sites and are keen to get to work are a favourite target for conmen.

When offered a nice job abroad or lucrative work which they…

06 Feb 2014
Inheritance fraud result of good faith

A row over an inheritance. No one would want that to happen to their family. Yet, there are glaring cases where people fall out over a legacy. Duped relatives often…

08 Jan 2014
New secure online banking campaign

The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) has launched a campaign to promote secure internet banking with the slogan “Hang up, close down, call your bank”.

The campaign is meant…

04 Dec 2013
Safe online shopping – this is how you do it

The Christmas season is the time of year when fraudsters are particularly active. It’s when fake online shops mushroom. So think twice when you spot must-haves for rock-bottom prices.

The golden…