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27 May 2013
Dating fraud victims are not stupid or naïve

Victims of dating fraud are not stupid or naïve, according to a recent poll on our website. A majority of 67 percent of respondents empathise with singles who are conned by fraudsters posing as would-be life partners on the internet. It’s the key result of an online poll conducted among 1,000 visitors to

Cunning conmen
Scammers employ grooming tactics that are so sophisticated that many people will fall for them, according to a 57-percent majority of respondents. Another ten percent believe that people in love will see no danger.

Many cases of dating fraud involve skilled scam artists establishing online relationships with middle-aged men and women through online dating agencies. These relationships can become so close that these men and women, often aged 50-plus, are prepared to shell out big amounts of cash to help their online lovers out of supposed difficulty. In extreme cases, those conned will lose hundreds of thousands of euros; in most cases, individual losses are limited to a few thousand euros.

About one-third (31 percent) of those taking part in the Fraud Help Desk poll think that dating fraud victims have themselves to blame. Who in his right mind would send money to someone they don’t know?, is their response. Only a tiny group of respondents (2 percent) reject the entire notion of looking for a new life partner on the internet as “ridiculous”.

Poll: People must be very naïve to fall victim to dating fraud

  1. Yes, why send money to someone you don’t know?
  2. Yes, why use the internet for a date?
  3. No, fraudsters are very cunning.
  4. No, people in love see no danger.