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15 Nov 2017
Expats in the Netherlands targeted by identity fraudsters

Several reports have come in to Fraud Help Desk about identity fraudsters targeting foreign nationals temporarily or permanently residing in the Netherlands.

The expats say they had responded to a job offer advertised online. A few days later, they received an email from a person claiming to be the representative of the company offering the vacancy. They were asked to fill out a form and send it back to him with a copy of their driving license.

The expats did as they were told and soon received a new email asking for a copy of their Dutch Residence Permit or another Dutch ID document. They later received an email from the job search site informing them that the ‘company representative in question’ had been blocked from the website as he was found to have no connection with the company which had put up the job offer.

Our advice
Think twice before giving out personal information to people you don’t know. Prospective employers will never ask you for copies of identity documents in their first contact with you.

Remember that if you send copies of your passport, driving licence or other ID, you may fall victim to identity fraud. This is when copied or forged identity papers are used to commit crimes under the innocent victim’s name. These copies enable fraudsters to assume your identity in order to open a bank account or make transactions or purchases, for instance on the Dutch internet sales website Marktplaats.

Please note that the Netherlands government has launched an app which allows citizens to make secure copies of their identity documents.

The KopieID app has been developed to help combat identity fraud. The application is freely available for iOSAndroid and Windows Phone.

Photo © Eelco van Loo/Flickr.comCC BY-NC-SA 2.0