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04 Sep 2017
Email scams hit record high

Despite the summer holiday break,  Fraud Help Desk received a record number of email scams in August: over 100,000.

Recent months showed a marked increase, but the new record is no less than double the monthly number of emails we received just a year ago.

By “email scams” we mean suspicious email messages reported to our special email address by recipients. Usually, these scams involve spam, malware or the practice known as phishing. We are very pleased that so many people are sending us these reports: the more emails, the better. After all, these emails give us a clear picture of the latest trends and developments related to email scams. The information we receive enables us to alert others, through our  website and on social media. In addition,  we send our reports to government officials and investigation services.

Since the end of last year, we have been working together in a pilot project with the Internet Domain Registration Agency (Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland, or SIDN), which administers all .nl domain names. We exchange information about .nl domain names suspected of having been used for phishing purposes. The aim is find out whether sharing this information will actually speed up the process of recognizing and taking down suspected scam .nl websites. This gives an additional incentive to recipients of scam emails to report these messages to us: you contribute to combating fraudulent websites.

We would like to thank everyone who reports email scams to us via Please keep them coming!