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19 Jun 2018
Dutch businesses defrauded by cyber criminals


The police have started an investigation into suspected scammers who have defrauded several Dutch companies of large amounts of money.

The losses incurred by these businesses range from 10,000 to more than 100,000 euros. According to Dutch police, the scammers had hacked the email accounts of company staff and used them to send messages to customers. They told them that their business bank account number had changed. From now on, all payments needed to be sent to the new number. The companies didn’t find out that their money had gone to the wrong party before it was too late. The scammers operate from abroad, police say.

This type of trick is a variant of CEO fraud, a scam in which attackers imitate a boss or senior manager and asks admin staff to transfer money. Here’s an example of such an email:

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