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16 Jun 2017
Duo pose as tax officers and steal € 350,000

Police have arrested two people from the eastern Dutch city of Arnhem on suspicion of scamming and money-laundering. The arrests were made on Thursday. The duo cold-called their victims on the phone telling them that they had a tax debt that needed to be paid quickly.

It is a trick that has been reported to Fraudhelpdesk many times before. In one such case, a businessman lost nearly € 9,000.

According to the Netherlands Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), the two (a man and a woman) had the money transferred to the bank accounts of money mules, people who allow their bank accounts to be used to earn a little money on the side. Even as the telephone conversation was going on, the money was taken from these accounts. Sometimes, electronic products were purchased, Dutch newspaper AD writes.

The two suspects are believed to be part of a wider ring of criminals who are thought to have fleeced an estimated € 350,000 from their victims. The police has received up to 40 reports from victims.

Photo © Jeroen Mirck/Flickr.comCC BY-NC 2.0