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23 Nov 2018
Double damage: victim treated as scammer

Victims of fraud can come in for some more nasty surprises, as one person reported to Fraud Help Desk. The man found himself accused of fraud.

So, what happened? The man offered a virtually new telephone for sale on the internet. Not much later, he received a response from woman who’s interested in buying the phone. She says she wants to give it to a friend as a present, together with two other friends. The woman then asks if the three of them can each pay their share into his account.

The man agrees and passes on his account number. The next day, he looks into his bank account and sees that the total amount has been credited, from three different accounts. And so, he sends the phone.

A few weeks later, he notices in a new statement that someone has transferred € 0.01. When he clicks on the statement, he finds an angry message in the description from someone demanding him to return the money immediately. It’s been sent by one of the three ‘friends’. The message prompts the man to check all his transactions before contacting the three women who transferred the money.

Then it turns out that the money didn’t come from the three ‘friends’, but from three other scam victims. They paid the money for products they had ordered online, such as tools and a bag. And that money had now been used by a scammer to buy the phone from the man. His bank account had been used to scam other people.

The man doesn’t feel good about the whole business, so I decides to refund the money, even though he has ‘given away’ his telephone. To his surprise, he finds that the bank has blocked his account because of ‘fraudulent transactions’. To make matters worse, he is told that it may take a month and a half before the bank has concluded its fraud investigation. In the meantime, the man has no access to his wages and needs to call on his friends to lend him the money for his groceries.

The man says losing his phone was not a big deal; he’ll get over it, but he could never have imagined that he would be treated like a fraudster.