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24 Sep 2018
Consumer TV show warns of Activa Finance

Dutch consumer rights TV programme Radar has issued a warning about Activa Finance. Its ‘financial advisers’ are cold-calling consumers, reminding them that they have bought ‘activation codes’ via telemarketing, to spend a weekend at a hotel or an evening dinner at a restaurant.

The victims are told that as they have failed to respond and have ignored several reminders, they now have to pay 90 to 225 euros. The consumers know nothing of any deal.

Radar reporters have found out that Activa Finance has the same owner as Direct Solutions debt collection agency, which proceeds to collect the amount and reportedly uses threatening language. Fraud Help Desk is familiar with the method these people use.

Our advice
Have you received an invoice for something but can’t remember what it was? Then think twice before paying. Debt collectors need to be clear about why the money needs to be paid.

As of 2016, Dutch businesses including debt collection agencies must be able to prove that there is an agreement. For this reason, you should always ask collection agencies or other companies to give explain the invoice by email or letter. For more information, please contact ConsuWijzer.