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01 Oct 2018
‘Thousands of computers locked by ransomware’ 

There’s been a sharp and noticeable increase in ransomware infections in the past two months, reports Dutch news programme RTL Nieuws.  It says the number of reports has gone up worldwide. In the Netherlands, there have been two to three times as many reports about ransomware attacks.

Hostage software or ransomware is usually installed via an infected link or attachment, or by downloading illegal software. The virus encrypts all files on the infected computer. Only after paying ‘ransom’ can the victim regain access.

Fraudhelpdesk has seen no increase in the number of reports about this type of attack.

Our advice
You can protect your computer against ransomware attacks by regularly updating your software, refraining from downloading illegal software or clicking on attachments from unknown senders, and ignoring suspicious links.

This is theory of course, because in practice, these measures aren’t always possible.

You therefore need to make sure that you always have a backup of important files and photos that are dear to you. Put them on an external hard drive and disconnect it from your computer. Should your machine be infected, you can have it cleaned up by an expert and put your files back on it.