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09 Oct 2018
Chamber of Commerce warns of malicious websites  


The website ‘’ claims that you can use the site to register your company from the Chamber of Commerce trade register. Another website, ‘’, allegedly offers Chamber of Commerce extracts. Of course, these services require a fee. But the claims of these sites are simply not true, warns the Chamber of Commerce.

“For legal entities such as one-man businesses, CVs and VOFs, it’s impossible to obtain a registration in the trade register via a website such as’’. For this, you will need to pay a personal visit to the Chamber of Commerce,” reads a press release from the Chamber of Commerce. It adds that there is no collaboration with any third party when it comes to such registrations.

Likewise, you will receive no official extracts from the trade register via ‘’. What you are likely to receive are extracts giving information the truth of which the Chamber of Commerce cannot guarantee.

Our advice
If you want to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce, please make an appointment for a personal visit. Extracts can be requested from the official Chamber of Commerce website.