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04 Jun 2018
Two million suspicious emails reported to Fraud Help Desk

The number of scam emails reported to Fraud Help Desk has passed the two million mark. We are pleased that recipients of phishing messages and other scams apparently know where…

01 Jun 2018
Europol intensifies hunt for money mules

Europol is stepping up efforts to track down money mules. The objective is to increase the likelihood of these mules being detected by the police. To this end, Europol is…

23 May 2018
Beware of scams when looking for a student room

Attractive accommodation for little money – which prospective student wouldn’t want that? Watch out, though, because scammers are lurking out there, waiting for you to take the bait.

Criminals are cashing…

02 May 2018
‘One in five web stores is fake’

There are approximately 25,000 web stores in the Netherlands and many thousands of them are unreliable, according to research carried out by the Dutch Consumers’ Association.

Many of these webshops have…