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14 Feb 2019
Beware of debt collection scams

Have you ever been contacted by a collection agency about a cheap holiday trip you never booked? You’re not the only one. Debt collection scams seem to be all too common these days. The scam artists use all the tricks in the book to pressure their victims for quick payment. They currently operate under at least seven different names, according to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM):

  • Activa Finance / Activa Collectum
  • AMK Company
  • Be Clean
  • Co Jansen
  • Debt Pay
  • Unic Parts

Chances are that these names will soon make way for new ones. The trouble is that these scammers can be very convincing and persistent. It’s therefore important to resist the intimidation when you have a ‘debt collection agency’ on the phone and simply hang up when the pressure gets too high.

Obviously, people who always make sure that they pay their bills for holidays or products on time don’t need to worry about debt collection. Many of these scam artists refer to debts dating back many months, or even years, hoping you don’t remember.

Try to keep a level head and don’t be intimidated by threats of legal action or seizure of property. These threats are sheer bluff. The scammers will never be able to deliver. Our advice is to file a report about the threat with the police and report it to Fraud Help Desk and ACM.