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20 Mar 2018
‘Banking app is a safe choice’

The Dutch Payments Association has started a campaign to emphasize the safety of banking apps on smartphones.

On its website, the association gives some tips about how to use these apps as safely as possible. The association emphasizes the importance of updating banking apps regularly.

It also advises users not to change the operating system on their smartphones, for example, by jailbreaking, rooting or hacking. This enables users to  install apps and other content from sources other than the official channels. It’s also risky, because malware can penetrate a jailbroken smartphone more easily.

Fake app
In the past few months, there have been several news reports about fraud cases involving banking apps. The scammers had built their own fake app, one that looked identical to an authentic app. People who sold items on the Dutch online trading website Marktplaats, for example, were duped.

The fake app showed that the ‘buyer’ had paid the agreed amount. Only after the deal had been done and the item sent did the seller discover that no money had been paid at all. Sellers therefore would do well to rely only on the information they see on their own device, not on that of another person.

According to the Dutch Payments Association, there has never been a single case of fraud through official bank apps.