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Wave of fake SMS text and email messages from ‘ING’

7 June 2017


Criminals hunting for personal data are sending out SMS text messages and emails with roughly the same content. Their aim: to trick you into disclosing your confidential information.

The messages purportedly come from Dutch ING bank, which supposedly has taken an additional measure to help ensure secure online banking: it has issued a “2048 bit certificate”.

Here’s an example of the SMS text message:

And here’s an example of the fake email message supposedly from ING:

Of course, this raises the question of who is behind these messages. Is it one and the same person or group of scammers? What we do know is that the objective is the same: the practice known as phishing.

Our advice
Ignore these email and text messages. Delete them immediately. They were never sent by your bank.

If you receive one of these messages or a similar email which you don’t trust, please forward it to us at and then delete it.

Click here for more information about phishing emails.

For questions about dubious SMS text messages, please contact Fraud Help Desk. You can help us by sending a screenshot of the text message.