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Watch out for scam email from ‘Tax Administration’

15 May 2018

Criminals have hijacked the name and logo of the Tax and Customs administration of the Netherlands in order to fleece people out of their money.

The scam email informs recipients that they are due € 736.96 in arrears relating to last year’s tax return. The message has the logos of the Dutch tax authorities and the iDeal payment system. The subject line reads ‘Aangifte Belasting 2017’ (‘Tax Return 2017’).

Pay in Bitcoins
The amount due must be paid in Bitcoins to a wallet given in the email. The address is a lengthy code and refers to a unique bitcoin address. Money can be deposited to this ‘account’ from a legitimate website, allowing the fraudsters to collect the money anonymously.

Watch out! The Netherlands Tax and Customs administration won’t accept payments by Bitcoins. So, these emails are obviously fake. If you receive such messages, please send them to before binning them.

Here’s an example of the email (click for a larger view):