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Watch out for fake invoice from ‘IDR Europe’

5 April 2018

Watch out when you receive an invoice from a company calling itself IDR Europe. The bill refers to the expiry of an SSL certificate. This is an invoice scam, in other words: it’s an offer, not an invoice, and you don’t need to pay anything.

The amount due is supposedly € 154.88. However, there is no obligation to pay according to the small print right at the bottom of the invoice. This is just an offer; if you pay, you will have accepted the deal and you’ll be stuck to it.

SSL certificates show up as a green padlock on address bars. The letter warns recipients in red print that an expired SSL certificate can lead to a poor Google ranking.

The amount needs to be paid into a German bank account. The fact that there is no Chamber of Commerce or VAT number on the invoice should set off your alarm bells.

Our advice
There are several ways to obtain an SSL certificate (online). You can find numerous (affordable) providers by doing a search on Google. You can also contact your hosting provider.

Here’s an example:

Fake invoice from IDR Europe