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Watch out for emails about a parcel delivery

5 April 2017

Criminals are sending out fake emails asking you to make a delivery appointment. This is part of a scam designed to infect your machine with malicious software.

Various such emails are currently doing the rounds, purporting to come from Altink Logistiek BV, Brouwer Logistiek BV and Hofwegen Logistiek BV. Here are some examples (click to enlarge):

Altink Logistiek BV Brouwer Logistiek BV Hofwegen Logistiek BV

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The senders claim that a parcel delivery has failed. Recipients are asked to make a new appointment by downloading and returning a form. Don’t do this. If you do, your computer may be infected with malicious software.

The emails are personalised: the recipient’s name is used repeatedly, making the message look reliable and increasing the likelihood that people will fall for this scam.

Our advice
Delete this email from your inbox. This message has not been sent by a parcel delivery service, it is the work of scammers.