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Watch out: emails from ‘Logistics’ companies contain ransomware

23 May 2017

The Netherlands seems to be facing a new wave of ransomware attacks. Dozens of telephone calls from victims came in to Fraud Help Desk this morning. Hundreds of reports came in via email.

All scam messages inform recipients of a failed parcel delivery. The emails contain a link to make a new appointment.

The victims received various emails from different transport companies, including Van Lent, Frederiksberg, Penninkhof, Dersloot, Rijpstra, Hoogmoed and Kloekstra, all with the word Logistiek or Logistics in their name.

Here’s an example of the email (click to enlarge):

Many people have apparently clicked on the link given in the email. Next, they found their computer locked or their files encrypted. They could only get their files back after paying a ransom.

The victims include a pharmacy. Its entire network was infected and none of their computers are accessible. The attack means that the pharmacy also has a data breach.

Our advice
Should you receive this or any similar mail, please don’t click on any link given in it. If you have accidentally clicked on a link, then please check your computer, tablet or smartphone for any evidence of an infection with malicious software. We advise strongly against paying a ransom. Payment won’t give you any guarantee that you will recover your files and rid your computer form the virus.

It is wise to refrain from online banking until your computer is completely ‘clean’. We also recommend replacing all your passwords.