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Two more scam emails from ‘CJIB’

3 October 2017

Don’t fall for two fake emails sent on behalf of ‘CJIB’, which is the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau or Central Fine Collection Agency – an executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.

The first scam email is about an alleged “debt from 2014” relating to a “municipal after-tax and deferred tax authority”. Recipients can only avoid serious consequences if they pay an amount of € 198. If they don’t, there will be police at the recipient’s door and the prospect of forty days in provisional detention. Here’s an example of this message (click to enlarge):

Two more scam emails from ‘CJIB’

The subject line of the second email reads “Last Reminder” and refers to an unpaid traffic fine. The sender is demanding that € 334 be paid before 7 October. If the recipient fails to pay, they will get a bad credit-rating with the Central Credit Registration Office (BKR). Here’s an example of this message (click to enlarge):

Our advice
Please ignore both emails. They are fake. Keep in mind that CJIB never informs people of a fine or sends any other notification by email.