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Tricked into a costly subscription to EU Business Register

22 June 2017

A dodgy advertising company is trying to sell Dutch businesses worthless subscriptions to advertising space.

The company calls itself EU Business Register and it is now sending out emails after approaching businesses by mail on earlier occasions. The content is the same: recipients are offered a free listing in a register. At least, the email suggests that it is free. Here’s an example (click to enlarge):

To be included in the register, all the recipients need to do is to fill out a form attached to the email as a PDF file. This form needs to be returned by post. Here’s an example of this form (click to enlarge):

Small print

The small print, however, says that the email is about a three-year subscription, with an annual fee of 995 euro. And an automatic renewal if the subscriber fails to cancel the subscription on time. Quite an expensive contract.

Our advice
Delete this email. If you return the form, you will be stuck with a useless subscription which will cost you a lot of money. So, don’t respond.

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