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Tea Testing Day invite is a scam

14 September 2017

After recent invitations to come to a Coffee Party and even an Eel Party, letters are now circulating inviting recipients to come to a ‘Fabulous Tea Testing Day’.

The invitation promises that all kinds of presents will be given out during the party. These include, a gift basket, a large piece of ham, cheese and various beverages. To book a place on the day, invitees must telephone a certain number. Reports to Fraud Help Desk suggest that this type of invitation mainly targets elderly people.

Remarkably, the letter repeats the recipient’s name a few times. That makes it difficult to ignore the message. Nonetheless, recipients would be wise not to accept the invitation. It’s highly unlikely that the promised gifts will be handed out. Moreover, visitors to similar happenings in the past report that they were put under considerable pressure to buy all sorts of products they didn’t want.

Here’s an example of the invitation (click to enlarge):

Our advice
Ignore this invitation. Throw it in the waste paper bin.