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Tax Office repeats warning of scam phone calls

22 November 2017

The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration is calling on people to be vigilant when they are cold-called by persons posing as internal revenue officers. These callers may well be scammers.

The con artists invariably talk about tax arrears, taxes due to government but not paid. They say the debt needs to be paid quickly. Failure to comply will lead to serious consequences, is the threat from the callers.

In this recent story, a businessman was threatened with seizure of his company.

On its website, the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration writes that people running arrears may receive a telephone call. But, it says, there are strict rules for these calls:

  • The tax authorities always refer to previous correspondence that must be known to you. This may be a tax return form, a payment reminder or a current payment arrangement.
  • There are official bank account numbers for tax payments.
  • The Tax Administration will never ask for your bank details, passwords or user credentials.
  • If the Tax Adminstration agrees a settlement with you, you will always receive detailed confirmation of this agreement.

Our advice
If you receive a phone call from someone who doesn’t follow these rules, you can be sure that the caller is not what they pose to be. They are not internal revenue officers. Hang up the phone.