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New SMS text message from ‘Rabobank’

19 October 2018


Scammers posing as Rabobank are once again sending out text messages informing recipients that their debit card has been ‘skimmed’.

As a result, their banking details are now known to these criminals. The bank cards that have been skimmed must be replaced as soon as possible. All recipients have to do is click on the link given in the text message.

Here’s an example (click to enlarge):

The hyperlink directs to a counterfeit website. If you log on, the scammers will intercept your user credentials, which they will happily use to access your online banking account.

Our advice
Please ignore any SMS text message purportedly coming from your bank. Banks never send text messages about important matters. When in doubt, please contact your bank immediately using the telephone number given on the official website.